About Us

Almendra is a privately held company based in Singapore. Our manufacturing facility in Thailand is located near a deep sea port to facilitate export.

Our team is new but experienced, with 100 years of combined experience in leading multinational companies. We have a world-class Stevia research team.


Stringent Quality Control

Each Batch of Stevia goes through a stringent Quality Control Protocol to deliver the best product to our customers. Almendra employs the best Analytical Tools with the highest accuracy to achieve this.
When you receive products from Almendra, you are assured of the most consistent and highest quality.



Automated Warehousing

The first in Stevia industry to use this to ensure tracebility and accurate inventory management to give you comfort that your orders can be processed promptly and accurately.

State of the Art Plant

Almendra’s state of the art technology and processes have achieved world-leading levels of purity and solubility for Stevia products. Helping you give your customers Stevia-sweetening that’s never tasted better! Almendra has the best manufacturing facility in the world today to bring the highest quality product consistenly.

Processing is done in GMP certified facility, fully computer controlled to ensure consistent and repeatable quality, to give our customers peace of mind in their formulations.

Production capacity adequate to cater for multiple of billions liters of colas or carbonated soft drinks.